ProEquus equestrian arena system - German style perfect footing.
no more mud, Ever!
ProEquus 0T40 / WE40
Mat Systems for perfect conditions - anti-slip surface
perfect traction on safe ground
little or even *no ground preparation requried
reduced footing depth required
less maintenance needed
optimal stability
Quick and easy installation
self installation is not a problem (a *small crew can install 800 m² /9,000 ft² in approx. 3 hours)
Mats remain securely in place
SAVE MONEY during arena design/exectuion on:
excavation and ground preparation - only minimal leveling + grading is required,
local medium costs - save on the cost of hundreds of tons of subbase and foundation gravel, tens of thousands of square feet of filter cloths/geotextiles,
SAVE MONEY after completion of the riding arena, on:
future arena repair/rehabilitation costs (often as much as the initial design/execution costs)
by providing a long-lifed, high-performance arena the first time.

prevents compaction of the footing and the subsoil/base:
optimum drainage
no more muddy conditions ever,
Mats remain in place - do not slide or migrate.

surface remains resilient, elastic and flexible
Prolongs the career of the equine athelete - treats the tendons and joints with care
reduces the risk of injury due to unsound footing,
no more uncontrolled slipping

Mats provide drainage without sediments:
prevents the intermingling or mixing of footing material into the arena base or the subsoil

ProEquus Riding Arena Mats, pictured is the OT40 model as used at the 2008 Summer Olympics in China, for the equestrian events.

made from elastic PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride):
driveable with heavy vehicles, during and after installation,
UV resistant - does not decay or decompose,
Model OT40 /classical equitation ...
revocable + portable
unconnected mats allow easy and fast relocation of the arena,
Model WE40 /multi-use and/or western equitation ...
tongue and groove connection ensures mats stay put,
may be quickly be installed or reinstalled indoors or outdoors, on virtually any type of permanent or temporary surface,
to provide world-class western or classical riding arenas at any venue, event or facility.
All-weather, all-year, outdoor or indoor riding arenas,
Two designs (below) to achieve your unique, specific goal in a riding arena:
ProEquus OT40  - a high-traction footing base for classical equitation, or
ProEquus WE40 - for a multi-discipline, all-purpose, all-weather riding arena.
This allows the use of multiple, highly-customized footings,
which are optimized for different riding disciplines.
Either system may be installed anywhere: permanently or temporarily,
move the arena indoors for the winter,
outdoors for the summer,
load it on a truck and take it with you when you relocate, or share it with a local event,
Both systems may be used to create fully portable and revocable riding grounds,
May also be used for perfect, rain-proof + mud-free year-round:
hotwalkers and equicizers,
training round pens,
race tracks,
training tracks, breezing and exercise courses, and more...

Logo of ProEquus OT40-classical equitation arena perforated structural mat system.
Perfect grip + traction, as prescribed for specific classical or western riding disciplines:
least traction for Western ropin' & reinin' Cutting and Barrels ...
more traction for Western or English Pleasure,
high traction for Jumping, Eventing or Vaulting,
highest level of perfect, no-slip traction for High Dressage, Classical French Equitation or movements in the air;
Rain-proof, Dust-free + Mud-free = year-round riding and training in consistent footing.
Resiliency + elasticity = slightly springy + no "dead spots" or "hard spots" + prevents joint damage due to concussive stress;
Retains correct looseness of the sand footing = allowing the correct amount granular looseness provides the correct footing for athletic and exacting movements, while also providing for the rotation of the hooves (to prevent damage to the ligaments and soft tissue).
Will not compact the subsoil or base = preserves the land's native drainage across time and use, allowing for instantaneous drainage of heavy rainfall - both  after and DURING - a competition or event.
Moisture-retention design elements (tiny reservoirs):
allows for less frequent watering,
while also providing a consistently correct level of dampness throughout the course of the day, the  competition or the event
= a more fairly consistent, competed and judged event + happy competitors + a superior reputation for your event, competition, or equestrian facility or venue.
ProEquus OT40 elements - Structural view illustrates arena separation layer, drainage structure, traction surface and elasticity-resiliency design components; top view illustrates perforations which provide rapid rainfall and precipitation infiltration, to keep the footing surface dry in all weather; bottom underside view illustrates the high rate of drainage + diversion channels, allowing rapid diversion of infiltrated precipitation; applications appropriate illustrates the forms of classical equitation for which the ProEquus OT40 is prescribed.

Logo of ProEquus WE40-wetern equitation or multi-use riding arena perforated structural mat system.
ProEquus WE40 elements diagram - Structural view illustrates arena separation layer, drainage structure, and elasticity-resiliency design components [traction components are reduced for western riding arenas]; top view illustrates perforations, rapid infiltration = the cowhorse arena footing surface remains dry & rideable in all weather; bottom underside view illustrates drainage-diversion channels; applications appropriate illustrates the forms of western roping and reining arenas, for which the ProEquus WE40 structural mat system is prescribed.
The ProEquus WE40 ('Western Equitation') system may be used to provide a minimal-traction footing support structure, for roping & reining arenas.

ProEquus WE40 is the world's only completely adaptable, arena base+separation+footing system which may be easily and readily converted for highly variable types of riding disciplines.
In other words:
perfect for dressage one weekend,
perfect for the ropers & reiners the following weekend,
change it back to perfect for the Westen Pleasure championship next month,
and endlessly back-and-forth - without ever again wasting tons of money on having to endlessly haul trainloads of new clay or sand, and to relevel and repack the a temporary indoor arena - it for every event change.
Also, the entire arena system may be relocated:
from outdoors in the summer to indoors in the winter,
from permanent to temporary,
from high dressage to cutting and sliding.

As an example:
The ProEquus WE40 system was used for the highest level of international showjumping (including for the City League International Professional Showjumping circuit),
While also providing a perfect-for-cutting-horses warmup/practice area.
Ask the cutters you know in North Carolina about the warmup/practice area at the Greensboro Coliseum last fall (which was setup for them within a few hours, overnight).

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Overview - ProEquus OT40 as used at major international equestrian competitions.  ProEquus OT40 arena base mat system - side view.  Equestrian perforated mat system - underside view. This image displays the advanced high-drainage system as used at the 2008 summer games in Hong Kong, Sha Tin racecourse, designed by Oliver Hoberg (GER), provided to the Hong Kong Jockey Club.