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An Introduction to HoofGrid™ equine footing and flooring grid systems
 What is HoofGrid?  HoofGrid™, HoofGrid-40™ and HoofGrid HD™ are the original equestrian footing & flooring grid system, German-engineered and German-Manufactured.
Please accept no substitutes.
HoofGrid™ - the most successful soil stabilization system in Europe, widely tested and applied worldwide for years - is now available to the American livestock and equine industries.
What can you do with HoofGrid™?  Permanently solve your muddy paddocks problems.
Durable + Pervious + Flexible = Mud-proof + Rain-proof = no nutrient runoff = the only truly green solution.
The setup . . .
HoofGrid Horse Footing and Flooring Grids. Load-bearing capacity - up to 35 tons / square foot.
Certified LOAD = 22.45 Tons / axle
(resistance to pressure at the surface = +35 tons/ft²)

The problem . . .
Permanent Muddy Paddocks Solutions. No more muddy paddocks, turnouts or drylots.  Ever!
No more muddy paddocks, turnouts or drylots. Ever!
How it works . . .   Working on the ‘snowshoe principle,’ the grids disperse the weight of the stock over a larger surface area (effectively, 689 square inches for a four-legged animal).
The solution . . .
The solution to muddy paddocks - HoofGrid, Perfect paddocks all year round.
Perfect paddocks all year round.
How strong was that?  
During installation, maintenance, or normal usage, earthmoving equipment, tractors, steamrollers or fully loaded dump trucks may be driven on top of the grids.

Because the interlocking system creates a contiguous structure ...

... for the horse or steer to sink into the mud, theoretically it would need to weigh about 160,000 lbs. or more.
Permanently retire from your paddock improvement career...
... and forever forget the ‘spread 6-12 inches of gravel and replace regularly’ system. The grids permanently separate the top layer from the ground sub-base, preventing intermingling of the layers.  In many conditions, no foundation work is required. In the rest, much less stone is required, and never needs replaced!
Strong and flexible!

 The system is manufactured from reinforced PE (Polyethylene).  HoofGrid™ is able to withstand climate extremes from -58° to +194° Fahrenheit while remaining flexible.

No special equipment required, often only a one-man-job, when installing HoofGrid in horse turnouts.
No special equipment required,
Often only a one-man-job.
HoofGrid Std Duty HoofGrid 40
HoofGrid HD?

Hoof-Grid™ Std Duty 1/3 meter square X 3 cm. High
Hoof-Grid™ 40 1/3 meter square X 4 cm. High
HoofGrid HD™ 1/3 meter square X 5 cm. High
           Load-bearing capacity up to 35.84 tons / sq ft*
(*When correctly installed. For all practical purposes, stock cannot damage Hoof-Grid™ without using power tools )

For most equestrian applications the standard Hoof-Grid™ is sufficient.  Some climates may require HoofGrid HD™.  In those cases requiring heavy-duty grids, the extra cost per units is often offset by the decreased:  foundation requirements (sub-base), top layer and maintenance costs.
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