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» ProEquus Performance Arena Systems - either OT40 for Classical Equitation (dressage, jumping, eventing, etc.) or WE40 for Western Equestrianism.
» HoofGrid™ - the genuine, German-original equine footing and flooring geogrid system.
» Perfect Footing™ - Genuine German GeoTextile (ggt) used for European-style national and international competition footing.
» Thunder-Groom™ Arena groomer for sand footings and synthetic foots alike!

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HoofGrid for horses
HoofGrid for cattle or dairy
ProEquus European-style Riding Arenas:
ProEquus Arena Systems - outdoor arena
ProEquus Arena Systems - indoor arena
Perfect Footing for European-style riding arenas and rings:
Perfect Footing for Indoor Dressage Ring
Perfect Footing for an Outdoor Dressage Ring
Perfect Footing for Indoor Jumping Arena
Perfect Footing for an Outdoor Jumping Arena

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