Indoor Arena - ProEquus OT40 laid out
ProEquus OT40 Close-up
Applying correct sand type for footing
ProEquus-approved arena sand is applied
Pre-Mixed Perfect Footing and arena sand is dragged level
International Reidsport arena experts consult - is it not perfect?
Lipizzan Stud farm manager and J. Laengle of ProEquus
Constructing an outdoor arena that is perfect rain or shine, summer or winter
Perfect Footing is spread on top of the correct sand, for mixing into the sand
Incorporating the highest-quality German footing fibers and cloth elements
Sometimes the Perfect Footing and sand are blended before they are applied
Use of common equipment is facilitates the critical blending of footing into arena sand
Carefully following installation instructions yields a Perfect Result
This is not difficult, nor is it "rocket surgery," but it is prescriptive!
The equipment used to spread Perfect Footing™ evenly on arena sand
The high-speed rotary harrow used to blend the footing-sand mix
A textured rotary sand comb used to maintain the footing.
International footing expert Joachim Laengle pictured
Constructing a perfect riding arena footing is a science, not a lucky result
World class footing for world class riding arenas.
We are able to provide these European-style riding arena systems in the USA
Perfection is never a happy accident. Much more is involved than buying the right arena materials ...
Even the best materials may be used to create substandard arenas.
Building the perfect riding arena requires:  quality materials, intelligent design, and exacting execution.
The human halves of the winning horse/rider pairs congratulate one another.
There is no substitute for correct execution of the perfect design, using the highest quality materials, with only the correct sand type and makeup.